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Love makeup? Do sparkles make you squeal? The Indie Review is a place for my take on the world of indie makeup. I hope to give insight into popular brands, products, and maybe some lesser-known names as well!

What’s coming up…

I am on a no-buy/low-buy so there are few new products I’ll be receiving.  However, there were a couple things I needed from Darling Girl before I went on my no-buy and a new company that is making its debut that I just had to get behind. 

  1. Darling Girl: I am in love with their Primped and Primed primer.  To me it is like they blended Urban Decay Primer Potion with Pixie Epoxy or Glitter Glue. It is just tacky enough to make pigments and loose shadows stay in place and pop, but not overly tacky to the point where it gets gloopy (totally a technical term) or uncomfortable. I’ve hit the bottom of my first jar, so I had to stock up. DG’s primer/bases typically sell out quickly, so I grabbed a back up before I could let it slip away. I also got their Superstar Serum.  This is a foil-agent type of product. I’ve heard it works wonders to turn loose shadows into eyeliners, and that is what I bought it for. I have so many dark indie shadows that don’t go to use because I just can’t get them to look nice as a liner or I can’t get the unique color shifts or sparkles to stick around. I’ve tried lining with Pixie Epoxy then a shadow, but it is messy and hard to do over other shades on the lid. I’m hoping this stuff fixes those problems so I can have some rockin’ eyeliner!
  2. Beauty For The Win: This is a brand new company that will be opening August 15th (with a grand opening sale!).  I frequent /r/indiemakeupandmore on reddit and they gave redditors an advanced look.  Their first collection is based off of The Fault In Our Stars, which of course as a Nerdfighter, I had to have.  I also love that the woman behind the brand is donating a generous amount from every eyeshadow (sample or full size) to the This Star Won’t Go Out charity.  This makes me very excited about this company and the collection! Bloggers have the opportunity to purchase a discounted blogger package before the grand opening, so that is what I did. I should have the entire sample collection and two full size shadows to share with you all! The colors look fun and the concept is just perfect!

I’ll be sure to let you guys know what I think of both of these orders! I am very excited to share them with you.

image Quick swatch of one of my favorite Shiro items in my collection. This is “You’re Making Me”. It’s a bright pink blush (isn’t the name adorable?) with a slight purple hint to it. Love this blush. As always, the blush lasts a long time, even in the humidity of Florida, and it applies lovely.

Fyrinnae’s Debonair

Simply in love with Fyrinnae’s Debonair eyeshadow. It appears to glow over Pixie Epoxy!

Limecrime Alternatives


Here is a list of colorful lipstick alternatives so I never have to hear the excuse “but they’re the only colored lipstick on the market” ever fucking again. Also they aren’t the only ones doing matte liquid lipstick but like if that makes you feel better fine just don’t talk to me about them…

For those of you looking for fun, bright, and (mostly) indie lipsticks, this list is great!

My Beauty Addiction Lipsticks

Well hello! Been a while, no? I apologize. It’s been a crazy semester at school, and it only just ended. But I’m back with some indie goodness!

So I am currently on a no-buy, which is proving to be quite hard. And I’m only a few days in.  So right now I am shopping my stash and eagerly awaiting the arrival of my past few purchases.  That’ll hold me over, right?  Anyways, on to the review!

My Beauty Addiction is an indie company that sells everything. I mean everything. Brushes, bath products, lip products, tools…SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. In this review I will be discussing their lipsticks/lip paints.  It’s the only thing I’ve tried from them, but color me impressed.

Okay. Logistics.  I bought these during a sale on their Etsy store when the petite tubes of lipsticks/paints were 3/$10.  What a great deal, right?! Normally they are 3/$12—still worth it.  They also have a jar option and a full-size lipstick tube option.  I chose the petite because A) I’ve never tried them and B) I have a shit ton of makeup already.  Shipping to the US was a very reasonable $2.50 on their Etsy page.  They shipped the day after my order and came two days later!  

I bought three colors!

From L to R: Paranormal, Indigo, Grape Crush



Grape Crush

These are all so highly pigmented! The lip paints (Indigo and Grape Crush) are slightly easier to apply.  They go on more evenly, although the lipsticks are nice too.  The lipsticks just take a bit more TLC to get them completely even. Once applied they stay in place. I wore each of these last week and they all held up wonderfully through eating and drinking. I was extremely impressed! For such colorful lipsticks they had amazing lasting power.  They aren’t too drying, although I won’t call them moisturizing.  

I will certainly be repurchasing! They have a wide range of unique colors.  I think there is something for everyone!  Combined with quick and courteous customer service, this is definitely a company I highly recommend!


Shiro Cosmetics has literally released an entire line of Nic Cage themed lip glosses in order to commemorate his 50th birthday this is not a drill.

You bet I’ll be snagging these soon!


Shiro Cosmetics has literally released an entire line of Nic Cage themed lip glosses in order to commemorate his 50th birthday this is not a drill.

You bet I’ll be snagging these soon!

Notoriously Morbid Review

During my adventures in the IndieMakeupAndMore subreddit I have come across many new brands to try.  Of the ones I have given a shot, Notoriously Morbid has to be one of my very favorites.

Notoriously Morbid operates from both an Etsy page and a Storenvy page.  I personally like ordering from Etsy more, as it is what I use most and trust. The owner keeps a very active Facebook account and is always having sales (keep your eye out for fun stuff on Fridays!) so there’s always a good opportunity to snap up some NM goodies!

I finally decided to try them about three weeks ago when I noticed they had a blogger pack.  The blogger pack was $5 and included one full size and four sample eyeshadows.  The owner was kind enough to include two extra samples (which I believe is customary, but could be wrong).  She also included a business card and a handwritten thank you.  I absolutely love when brands do this.  It shows they care about their customers.

imageLook how lovely the goodies are! I loved that she had included this note.  Her branding really is top-notch.  I love the imagery.  Plus the tissue paper and ribbon made me feel like I was opening a gift!

imageAll unwrapped!  Even the plastic bag the shadows came in matched her theme. Beautiful!

imageAll the colors spread out.  I love  the side of the sample baggies.  They are different than any I have seen before, and I find them a lot easier to work with than taller baggies.

I only left a suggestion for two colors (Spiteful Jas and Witch With A Wand), but I loved every color she chose to include in the blogger pack.  image

Belle’s Bounty might just be my favorite of the bunch.  It is a gorgeous yellow-gold with lots of sparkle.  I’ve worn this shadow on its own with winged liner before and it packs a punch.  It’s also great with greens.  The formula on this was great.

imageBitten is a beautiful black color with multi-color sparkle.

imageCry Wolf Cry is a pretty taupe color.  It has slightly purple tones. The multi-color shimmer is the perfect way to dress up this taupe.  This was the full-size I received, and it was packed to the brim.  I wore this shade to work one day and I felt like it wasn’t too boring nor too outrageous.  Perfect versatile color; wonderful for everyday wear.


Jupiter Rain is a brilliant teal with gold sparkles.  I haven’t actually used this one yet, but I think it would make a nice liner.


Kilgharrah was hard to capture.  It is a lovely shade of brown with rich olive tones and green sparkles.  This shade borders on duochrome.  This was the first one I slapped on my eyes because it looked so complex.  Really a stunning shade, especially for Fall and Winter.


Lycan’s Revenge is a deep red-crimson color with gold sparkle.  I don’t normally like reds, but this one I do!


Spiteful Jas is an emerald green with golden sparkles.  I tried to get this one to show up true-to-color in my swatch, but failed.  I love this color on the lower lashline.  It really is the perfect teal for people who don’t do teals.


Witch With A Wand is a pretty pinky peach.  The site says it is a light brown, but I really only see pink. Not complaining! This is the perfect pinky color for me.  I used it in a look with Lycan’s Revenge and they paired up wonderfully.

Overall I love these shades! I tested  them several times on their own and used together in looks and had much success.  They blend very well and go on pigmented and strong.  I had no issues with lasting power—over primer they lasted at least 8 hours with mini fading/creasing.  They performed even better or Glitter Glue/Pixie Epoxy.  I truly enjoyed using these and look forward to coming up with new looks!
I was very impressed with the presentation of the products.  The branding is clear and appropriate and the quality is high.  I highly recommend Notoriously Morbid!

Full-size shadows are $5.50 and samples are $1.25.  NM frequently has sales (every Friday!) so there’s always a chance to score a good deal.

I caved and pre-ordered their Sealed Judgement collection that is coming out for Black Friday! It’s a four-piece collection of full-size shadows along with a coupon code varying from 10%-40% that can be used all year! How could I resist?!

My Rocky Horror makeup! I had a blast this past Saturday at Rocky Horror! It was my third year, and this year I took it a little easier on the makeup.  I usually go all out, but this year I wanted something a little more classy (ironic, considering the event!) and simple.

On the eyes:

-Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

-Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

-Shiro Cosmetics Zero all over the lid

-Shiro Two Faced in the outter corner and lightly into the crease

-Maybelline Falsies Mascara

-ELF black liquid eyeliner

-Maybelline gel eyeliner in black on waterline, topped with Urban Decay’s Blackout

I used my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light/Medium on my face with Benefit’s Dandelion blush.  I have Shiro’s Something In The Wind on my lips!

A tease from my upcoming review on Notoriously Morbid! I just received them today and wow.  These colors are stunning! I am especially in love with Belle’s Bounty, swatched above!

A tease from my upcoming review on Notoriously Morbid! I just received them today and wow.  These colors are stunning! I am especially in love with Belle’s Bounty, swatched above!

Rocky Horror ready! Did makeup for two people plus myself! So stoked. Boyfriend is in full drag. Bring it on.