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Preview of a review I will be working on in the next couple of days for Gloom Naturals.  This is their lipstick in Old English 800. Pretty on its own.  Not ideal for my coloring, but really found it to be lovely layered over other lipsticks.

Preview of a review I will be working on in the next couple of days for Gloom Naturals.  This is their lipstick in Old English 800. Pretty on its own.  Not ideal for my coloring, but really found it to be lovely layered over other lipsticks.


Darling Girl Primped and Primed

Shiro Cosmetics Alkahestry all over lid

Urban Decay Strange on brow bone

Essence black gel liner on waterline

Shiro Cosmetics Dwarf In The Flask to set waterline

Maybelline Falsies mascara


Cereve moisturizer

Maybelline Baby Skin primer

Shiro Cosmetics Always Angry finishing powder

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in Vanilla

Benefit blush in Dandelion

Life’s Entropy Particle Contouring Stick in Proton (just trying this out!)

Anastasia Dipbrow in Chocolate


Notoriously Morbid Coffin Kisser balm

NYX Lip Primer in Nude

Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Crystal Violet

First Impressions and First Day Trial: Life’s Entropy Cosmetics Lip Theories

Back in July a company called Life’s Entropy opened up.  I loved the science-y themes and the products were truly unique for the realm of indie makeup.  Contouring sticks, a serum to lighten your foundation, lip products similar to OCC Lip Tars…I knew I needed to pick some up!  I placed an order on July 21st for two lip theory samples, an eyeshadow sample, and a sample of their Proton contour stick.  I just received them today (August 5th). Other than swatching, I haven’t tried anything out, but everything feels lovely.  

Anyways! On to the point! Today I am focusing on the lip theories I purchased in Crystal Violet and Transformation.  This is not an official review as I’ve had them a day, but here we go!

These are what the sample sizes look like!

Crystal Violet Lip Theory

Transformation Lip Theory

These Lip Theories apply exactly like an OCC Lip Tar, although I found the application to be smoother and less messy.  They go on opaque and you don’t need to use much product.  It takes a while for them to completely dry down, but when they do, they last a while. I ate and drank while wearing them, and all together they lasted about four hours before they faded.  Although I DID experience fading, the color faded evenly, which was a massive win for me! OCC Lip Tars fade unevenly and fall into the cracks of my lips. These don’t! I think I am going to love these!

Each Lip Theory sample is $1.50, and a full size is $8.  You get plenty of product to try out in the sample, and I highly recommend that if you are looking to branch out into brighter lip shades!

I have nothing negative to say about these as of yet!  The packaging is sturdy (even for samples) and the size is generous.  The staying power is there (considering the conditions I put them through).

useyourcharm said: Cutieeeee! Your skin looks amazing!

You are too kind xD I have a love/hate relationship with my skin!

Monumentour FotD

A week back I went to the Monumentour to see Paramore and Fall Out Boy live. It was loads of fun and they put on a wonderful show!  I really liked the makeup I did for the event, so I though I’d share! I was kind of in a rush to get out the door, so unfortunately these pictures were taken hours after the application and hours into standing out in the muggy Florida heat!

Rough brow day…


Urban Decay Primer Potion

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

Fyrinnae’s Fallen Angel Food Cake on the inner half

NYX’s Hot Orange Primal Color shadow on the outer half

ELF black liquid liner

Maybelline Falsies mascara


Cereve moisturizer

Maybelline Baby Skin primer

Shiro  Cosmetics Always Angry Finishing Powder

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in Vanilla

Shiro Cosmetics Gelato Beach blush

Anastasia Dipbrow in Chocolate


Shiro Cosmetics Who Swallowed A Star tinted balm

I’ve been bad the last week and have broken my no-buy over and over. Which I guess is good for the blog? Yeah, we’ll go with that. I now have orders from Beauty For the Win, Life’s Entropy, Fyrinnae, and a non-indie order coming in.  My Darling Girl order has arrived, and I hope to do a post on the Superstar Serum once life stops being insane.

Insanity: grandparents in town for a few days, which is incredibly stressful, high-maintenance, and tiring.  Also seeing Fall Out Boy and Paramore tomorrow. Then Leakycon shortly after. Then Linkin Park shortly after that. SO. Hopefully will be getting to posting some fun things SOON! Perhaps an EotD for the concert tomorrow? We’ll see!

What’s coming up…

I am on a no-buy/low-buy so there are few new products I’ll be receiving.  However, there were a couple things I needed from Darling Girl before I went on my no-buy and a new company that is making its debut that I just had to get behind. 

  1. Darling Girl: I am in love with their Primped and Primed primer.  To me it is like they blended Urban Decay Primer Potion with Pixie Epoxy or Glitter Glue. It is just tacky enough to make pigments and loose shadows stay in place and pop, but not overly tacky to the point where it gets gloopy (totally a technical term) or uncomfortable. I’ve hit the bottom of my first jar, so I had to stock up. DG’s primer/bases typically sell out quickly, so I grabbed a back up before I could let it slip away. I also got their Superstar Serum.  This is a foil-agent type of product. I’ve heard it works wonders to turn loose shadows into eyeliners, and that is what I bought it for. I have so many dark indie shadows that don’t go to use because I just can’t get them to look nice as a liner or I can’t get the unique color shifts or sparkles to stick around. I’ve tried lining with Pixie Epoxy then a shadow, but it is messy and hard to do over other shades on the lid. I’m hoping this stuff fixes those problems so I can have some rockin’ eyeliner!
  2. Beauty For The Win: This is a brand new company that will be opening August 15th (with a grand opening sale!).  I frequent /r/indiemakeupandmore on reddit and they gave redditors an advanced look.  Their first collection is based off of The Fault In Our Stars, which of course as a Nerdfighter, I had to have.  I also love that the woman behind the brand is donating a generous amount from every eyeshadow (sample or full size) to the This Star Won’t Go Out charity.  This makes me very excited about this company and the collection! Bloggers have the opportunity to purchase a discounted blogger package before the grand opening, so that is what I did. I should have the entire sample collection and two full size shadows to share with you all! The colors look fun and the concept is just perfect!

I’ll be sure to let you guys know what I think of both of these orders! I am very excited to share them with you.

image Quick swatch of one of my favorite Shiro items in my collection. This is “You’re Making Me”. It’s a bright pink blush (isn’t the name adorable?) with a slight purple hint to it. Love this blush. As always, the blush lasts a long time, even in the humidity of Florida, and it applies lovely.

Fyrinnae’s Debonair

Simply in love with Fyrinnae’s Debonair eyeshadow. It appears to glow over Pixie Epoxy!

Limecrime Alternatives


Here is a list of colorful lipstick alternatives so I never have to hear the excuse “but they’re the only colored lipstick on the market” ever fucking again. Also they aren’t the only ones doing matte liquid lipstick but like if that makes you feel better fine just don’t talk to me about them…

For those of you looking for fun, bright, and (mostly) indie lipsticks, this list is great!